Malaysia Gears Up for eInvoicing: Link4 Empowers Businesses for a Smooth Transition

As the Malaysian Government’s nationwide eInvoicing initiative gains momentum, Link4, a leading global eInvoicing solutions provider, is proud to announce an exclusive event for enterprises, ‘eInvoicing in Malaysia: How are you affected?’.

The event will be held on December 8th, 2024 at 3pm MYT at The iSpace in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and it is designed to provide senior finance professionals with the knowledge and tools they need to navigate the upcoming implementation mandate.

Link4 is excited to collaborate with the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), the government agency leading the eInvoicing initiative.

During the event, Mr. Saiful Izwan Mohd Shazali, Director – National eInvoicing & Standardisation, Digital Trade, Digital Industry Development Division at MDEC, will present on the topic of “National eInvoicing Initiative”. His presentation will delve into the use of the Peppol framework for B2B eInvoicing, highlighting its benefits for business digitalisation, tax reporting compliance, and overall business efficiency.

“The transition to eInvoicing presents a significant opportunity for Malaysian businesses to streamline operations, boost efficiency and gain a competitive edge,” said Mr. Robin Sands, CEO at Link4. “This is an educational event that will provide attendees with the insights and resources they need to understand the eInvoicing mandate, assess their readiness, and implement a solution that meets their organisation’s specific needs.”

Mr. Sands will explain the business benefits of implementing eInvoicing and success stories will be shared, so that the audience can better resonate with the steps forward and have a plan in place for a smooth transition.

Event Highlights:

  • Expert presentations by Link4 and MDEC
  • Insights on choosing and implementing an eInvoicing system in your business
  • Networking opportunities with fellow finance professionals

Event Registration:

Interested attendees can register for the event by visiting:

About Link4:

Link4 (going under the name ‘LinkFor’ in Asian countries) is a leading global provider of eInvoicing solutions with 7+ years of experience, helping businesses of all sizes optimise their invoicing process and achieve digital transformation. Link4 eInvoicing ensures compliance with the required Malaysian standards and regulations, while delivering significant cost savings and efficiency gains. For more:

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