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An eInvoice is...

An electronically generated and transmitted document that enables direct information exchange between the buyers’ and suppliers’ Accounting systems.

eInvoicing eliminates the necessity to print and send paper-based invoices or scan and send them via emails or emailing PDF invoices. You can also avoid the need to manually input information into your Accounting systems. Simply put, eInvoicing is the future way of doing business.

  • Fully automatic, transferable between systems
  • No printing/scanning requirements
  • No need to email PDFs

Why Choose eInvoicing?

Every organisation deals with invoices irrelevant of whether they belong to the public or the private sector. In each organisation, there is always someone responsible for taking data from an invoice and manually inserting it into an Accounting system. With eInvoicing, you no longer need to do that!
eInvoicing automates the procurement process, swiftly delivering invoices exactly where they need to go – without the need to use emails, PDFs or scanning tools. Just like how email has replaced traditional mails, eInvoicing is replacing traditional invoicing.
Since with eInvoicing, the data is securely stored in the cloud, there is no need for physical storage space. Avoid the hassle of losing or misplacing invoices and wasting time searching for invoices.

eInvoicing is way safer and more efficient than sending an invoice by email or attaching a PDF. Exchanging invoices via the Peppol eInvoicing network eliminates the threat of cyber email attacks and email frauds like payment redirection scams.

eInvoicing also presents small and medium businesses (SMEs) with the opportunity to streamline their Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable processes resulting in:

  • Saving the business owner's time by removing the manual processes involved in invoicing.
  • Reducing costs for the business through the reduction of staff overhead costs.

eInvoicing is supported by the New Zealand Government

Due to the many benefits eInvoicing offers, the New Zealand government is very committed to delivering eInvoicing to both government agencies and local businesses in New Zealand.
While the New Zealand Government has not mandated eInvoicing for all organisations, central Government Agencies were required to be capable of receiving eInvoices by end of March 2022.
The careful steps taken to enable eInvoicing certainly highlight the Government's willingness to encourage the wider government bodies and private organisations to switch to eInvoicing.
In fact, for more information about the benefits of eInvoicing for Government Suppliers GO HERE.

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