Our Customers

Link4 is on a mission to help businesses across industries to gear up and capitalise on Cloud solutions like eInvoicing.

Why Trust Us?

Our customers are our top priority and we intend to make their life easier by automating their invoicing process!

We bring to the table years of experience in providing eInvoicing solutions to multiple industries including all levels of government, enterprises and SMEs.

Link4 is a trusted Access Point provider within New Zealand as well as overseas - we provide eInvoicing services to organisations in Australia, the United Kingdom, Singapore, and soon operating in the United States, too.

A Snapshot of Our Clients

Great to see so many amazing organisations benefiting themselves with the latest technology. Through Link4 solutions, we seek to continue building lasting customer relationships.

Testimonials -
Here's What Some of our Clients Say

Your words fuel us to keep striving for the best solutions possible!