eInvoicing for Government Suppliers
(All You Need to Know!)

Need to get paid faster? Improve your cash flow? Get your invoices instantly delivered - join the eInvoicing Network (Peppol).

Invoicing is unavoidable for any Government Supplier.

However, stepping out of traditional invoicing to embrace eInvoicing does more than just digitalising the invoice process.

(Sending a PDF invoice via email is not considered eInvoicing!)

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As a Government Supplier, Why Should You Join eInvoicing?

Get paid faster

Instant invoice delivery helps avoid payment delays since it speeds up the whole process of payments.

So, you no longer have to endure making any calls to your customers informing them you have sent the invoice or face awkward payment reminders!

Avoid email and payment redirection scams

The threat of email scams is increasing in New Zealand. Scammers intercept emails and change PDF invoices to redirect upcoming payments to a fraudulent account. As such, emails are not safe or secure.

eInvoicing can ensure that you don’t fall victim to these email scams. Instead, it will provide your organisation with data protection and a safe medium to deliver invoices.

Easy invoice traceability

eInvoicing allows you to keep track of all your invoices with no added effort. You can check when an invoice was sent, who has viewed it, and if it’s been paid. What’s more, all of this information can be easily traced!

Eliminate time and cost waste

eInvoicing can help minimise the manual processes and repetitive tasks like emailing PDFs and data entering. eInvoicing is also a paperless process, which enables you to cut down on postal costs and paper costs as well. 

Minimise duplicates and errors

Avoid duplicating and misplacing invoices, which can lead to payment inefficiencies and communication errors that can create a strain between paying parties.

Seamless invoice delivery

You can start enjoying a seamless and accurate invoicing process without having to stress about delivery delays, which would otherwise negatively impact your operational efficiency and overall workplace productivity.

Experience the Power of eInvoicing First-hand!

Link4 Services

As an accredited Service Provider and Access Point, Link4 can offer seamless integration between your existing Cloud Accounting/ERP software and the New Zealand eInvoicing network.

Find out which of your Government customers are ready to receive your eInvoices – request a FREE Government eInvoicing Readiness Report now!

    While offering an innovative Procure-to-Pay solution, Link4 also offers Government Suppliers fast payment options, an accurate and safe process to transact with government departments and agencies, and an overall improvement in workplace productivity.

    Get ready to transform your workflow and enjoy the countless benefits of eInvoicing.

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