Trialing eInvoicing Between Small Businesses and Government

Posted by Sam Hassan on 03/09/2018

Read more about our three-month eInvoicing pilot with TeleResult and the NSW Department of Finance, Services and Innovation in our case study below.

Sending and receiving invoices can often be a pain point for many industries across Australia and government departments are no exception. The NSW Department of Finance, Services and Innovation were interested in testing whether eInvoicing could streamline how they received invoices and hence simplify this process.

In a three-month eInvoicing pilot project, the Department teamed up with one of their suppliers, TeleResult, a company providing telecommunication management services for large businesses and government departments, to test eInvoicing as a solution.

This pilot program was significant in demonstrating how SME businesses could instantly send invoices to government departments through eInvoicing. The trial was also used to test the 4-corner model laid out by the Digital Business Council’s Interoperability Framework.

We were very pleased with the results of the trial. It was a great opportunity to represent how eInvoicing could work seamlessly between small businesses and other sectors.

The results from this overall eInvoicing project have been informing the approach forward with eInvoicing across State Government Sectors.

Read more about this case study here.

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