Link4 selected to provide e-Invoicing for Geoscience Australia

Posted on 19/03/2021

Adelaide, 19 March 2021.

Link4 as their e-Invoicing Access Point provider. Geoscience Australia have chosen Link4 will help them meet the ATO’s mandate of having e-Invoicing in place by 30 June 2021.

Geoscience Australia is Australia’s pre-eminent public sector geoscience organisation. They are the nation’s trusted advisor on the geology and geography of Australia. They apply science and technology to describe and understand the Earth for the benefit of Australia.

Link4 is currently the most popular e-Invoicing Access Point used by Australian Government departments. Backed by a relatively long history, Link4 continues to prove itself as an industry leader and as an organisation which keeps e-Invoicing implementation simple.”

Our team continues to deliver on our promise to make e-Invoicing as easy to access as possible”, stated Andrew Bennett, head of Business Development at Link4. “We know e-Invoicing is a new concept for many, but it doesn’t need to be daunting. We can help anyone through the process.”

Link4 is an approved Peppol Access Point in Australia and is listed on the Peppol e-Invoicing panel for use by federal, state and local government agencies.

“We have thousands of businesses actively using Link4 today”, noted Sam Hassan, CTO at Link4. “It’s great to see so many Government Departments activating e-Invoicing aswell.”

About Link4

Link4 is an invoice delivery service designed to add-on to current cloud accounting software which can enhance the transactional process of an organisation. It delivers invoice data directly to where it needs to end up. This automates the process and eliminates the need for paper, human error and time required to process an invoice normally. Link4 provides a service which can increase cash flow, efficiency in the workplace and is more secure than traditional methods. Link4 has integrations with more than 12 different accounting/ERP solutions so suppliers can send e-invoices and receive e-Invoices. Additionally, for micro-businesses who don’t use any accounting package, they can use Link4 InvoiceExpress to create and send their Peppol e-invoices.

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