eInvoicing Control Given to Accountants and Bookkeepers

Posted by Robin Sands on 12/01/2017

Link4 Australia announces new portal for Accountants and Bookkeepers to manage eInvoicing for their clients. These Accounting professionals can now add any or all of their clients to the eInvoicing network from a simple dashboard.

eInvoicing will become a more prominent topic in 2017 which is set to affect all Australian businesses and government departments. Small business owners will turn to their Accountants and Bookkeepers for advice on how to proceed with eInvoicing. In fact, many will leave this aspect to their financial advisors to organise and even manage this for them.

With that in mind, Link4 have released a new dashboard which allows Accountants and Bookkeepers to sign up their clients to the Link4 network, and then track and report on their invoicing activity.

True eInvoicing allows invoices to be sent instantly from one Accounting system to another, without any intervention or additional processes. Invoices used to be printed and posted, then PDF’d and emailed – now it is instant.

Being a SaaS solution, there is no software to install, and this allows Accounting professionals the ability to register and manage this on behalf of their clients.

The main Cloud Accounting systems in use by small and medium businesses are connected to the Link4 network. These include; Xero, MYOB, Reckon, Saasu, Sage One and QuickBooks.

“It’s free to join the eInvoicing network,” noted Robin Sands, CEO of Link4 Australia. “We encourage all Accountants and Bookkeepers to sign up their clients which will open up the opportunity for eInvoicing within their businesses. eInvoicing will revolutionise the Australian business landscape and we want to do our part to help as many businesses benefit as possible.”

Visit the Accountants and Bookkeepers page to access the portal.

About Link4

Link4 is a simple, seamless invoice exchange which allows a business to send invoices direct to their client’s accounting system. Invoices are delivered instantly. A supplier and their customers continue to use their usual accounting system while Link4 speeds up the invoice cycle, negates the need for data entry, improves cash flow and reduces errors. True eInvoicing saves both the sender and receiver time and money.

Contact Link4 Australia with any questions or for an online demonstration [email protected].

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