Connecting SMBs to the eInvoicing Network Access Point

Posted by Link4 Team on 05/07/2018

Making it easier for SMBs to connect with their customers and suppliers using Link4 as an Access Point.

Link4 can be an Access Point for SMBs, governments and enterprises to connect on the eInvoicing network so they can easily exchange eInvoicings. In particular, we specialise in connecting SMBs and allowing them to easily join the network which hasn’t always been possible in the past.

We’ve been approved as a provider by DCAF and we have already been working as an Access Point in some successful eInvoicing pilot programs to deliver eInvoices to SMBs from governments and enterprises. It’s an exciting time for eInvoicing now that the Australian Government is moving forward with implementing a common framework.

What is an Access Point?

Access Points give businesses a way to join the eInvoicing network and have their invoices delivered to their customers and suppliers, no matter who their chosen Access Point is.

How Does it Work?

Access Points connect businesses together using the 4-corner model set out in the Digital Business Council’s Interoperability Framework. Operating in this way, every business and its customer or supplier communicate via an Access Point to send eInvoices. Access Points are either built into a business’s software system or outsourced to a third party, like Link4.

In the past, businesses have only been able to exchange eInvoicing if they’re both using the same software. This created a barrier for those businesses, taking away the opportunity to exchange eInvoices with some of their business partners.

The Interoperability Framework makes it easier for businesses to choose what Access Point they prefer knowing that they will be able to connect with any of their customers or suppliers no matter what Access Point they choose to use. It means any business should now be able to join the eInvoicing network!

Learn more about how you can connect with SMBs, governments and enterprises using Link4 here.

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