BOC Australia Signs New Deal Opening Up eInvoicing to all of their Customers

Posted by Link4 Team on 22/05/2018

BOC Australia is continuing their partnership with Link4, allowing its customers to receive BOC invoices directly into their Cloud Accounting software.

BOC Australia Opens Up eInvoicing to all Customers

BOC Australia announced today that they will be continuing their partnership with us in a new deal signed on May 1, 2018.

All BOC customers will now have the opportunity to sign up and receive their BOC invoices straight into their Cloud Accounting software.

“Our customers are loving digital invoicing,” noted Daniel Whittle, BOC’s Online Channel Manager.

“Link4 has made this process so easy for our small business customers and we are all benefitting. We are very happy to have all our customers receiving invoices this way,” Mr Whittle added.

Previously, we worked with a limited number of BOC’s customers to trial how eInvoicing could benefit them. This led to more than 850 companies saving time and money when it came to receiving their BOC invoices.

“The continuation of this partnership is a big step forward for eInvoicing and we have seen first-hand how both BOC and their customers have benefitted from using Link4,” said Robin Sands our CEO and Co-Founder.

“Due to the convenience of electronic invoicing, 60%of BOC customers are paying their invoices before the due date,” Mr Sands continued.

This new deal allows any BOC customers to opt-in to receive BOC invoices through Link4 and new customers can sign up through the user portal on BOC’s website.

“The continuation of this partnership has solidified Link4’s identity as a preferred eInvoicing provider here in Australia,” said Mr Sands about the signing of this new deal.

Read more about our partnership with BOC in this blog post or watch our webinar with BOC’s Daniel Whittle here

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