Link4 and Saasu -
Get Ready to Exchange Invoices Promptly!

Send invoices from Saasu directly to your customer’s Accounting system. Receive invoices from your suppliers straight into Saasu.

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This connection is the only add-on you will need to begin your eInvoicing journey and simplify your invoicing process.
You will no longer need to waste time and money using PDFs, emails or carrying out frequent manual data entry.

Link4 Partner

Link4 and Saasu

Connect with Link4 today to experience a significant decrease in the time spent on your accounts.

This add-on with Link4 will enhance your workflow of processing sales invoices and purchase bills.

When an invoice is created in Saaau, Link4 will deliver it to your customer’s Cloud Accounting software. The same happens when your suppliers send an invoice to you as a purchase bill - Link4 will automatically deliver it to your Saasu software.

Link4 delivers your invoices to your customers instantly
Bills received in Link4 are automatically imported into Saasu
Your customers and suppliers are instantly matched to your records in Saasu
Confirm the invoice items and accounts before approving the purchase bills in Saasu
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A No-fuss Solution - Are you Ready to Get Started?