Link4 and CouncilFirst -
Enable Safe and Instant eInvoicing!

If you are using CouncilFirst, now you can easily receive invoices to your Accounting system directly from your suppliers' Accounting systems and vice versa.

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This integration is the only add-on that is necessary for swift invoice delivery.
Simplify the way you exchange invoices. With this automation, you can have your suppliers' invoices delivered straight into your CouncilFirst software promptly and securely. You can also send your invoices directly from your Accounting software to that of your customers. No emails or PDFs are needed, and only minimal manual data entry is required!
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Link4 and CouncilFirst Integration

CouncilFirst users can witness a major decline in the time spent on their accounts by connecting to Link4.

Integrating Link4 with CouncilFirst can significantly improve your workflow while streamlining the processing of sales invoices and purchase bills.

When one of your suppliers sends you an invoice, Link4 will directly deliver it to your CouncilFirst Accounting system as a purchase bill. The same happens when an invoice is created in CouncilFirst, Link4 will deliver it to your customer’s Accounting software.

Link4 delivers your invoices to your customers promptly
Bills received in Link4 are automatically imported into CouncilFirst
Your customers and suppliers are instantly matched to your records in CouncilFirst
Confirm the invoice items and accounts before approving the purchase bills in CouncilFirst
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