Link4 e-Invoicing

Link4 provides a secure and seamless e-Invoicing connection.

With Link4 e-Invoicing, you can...

Automate your Accounts Receivables - send invoices directly to your customer's Accounting system
Automate your Account Payables - receive invoices directly to your Accounting software without relying on emails

How does Link4 e-Invoicing work?

e-Invoicing through a standardised e-Invoicing Network occurs through a four-corner model, where the customer and supplier (corners 1 and 4) use different ‘Access Point’ providers (corners 2 and 3) to exchange e-Invoices.

Both purchaser and supplier have their own ‘e-Invoicing Network ID’ which connects them to the e-Invoicing network. A business’ e-Invoicing Network ID is created by their Access Point provider when connected to the e-Invoicing network.

What are the Benefits of Link4 e-invoicing through a Standardised e-Invoicing Network

Instant and safe invoice delivery
Zero invoice errors
No manual data entry required
More secure document storage facilities
Zero-paper wastage
Easy connection to the e-Invoicing Network
Avoid losing or misplacing invoices
Save time and staff overhead costs
Allows invoice payments to be made faster
Set up once to trade with multiple customers and suppliers connected to the e-Invoicing Network at multiple times

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Why Choose Link4 for e-invoicing?

Easy onboarding
When you sign up with Link4, you automatically get an Access Point. The onboarding process is easy. Simply provide documents verifying your identity. This step is vital to ensure a safe environment for e-Transactions.
Full control over your e-Transactions
With a Link4 Access Point, you have complete control over sending and receiving e-Invoices and other e-Procurement documents through the e-Invoicing network. You can choose to perform all your e-Transactions through the Link4 Access Point or select specific buyers/suppliers you wish to do business with.
With Link4 you can review and approve the invoices before they get sent through the Access Point. The users can also review and approve the purchases before they get delivered to their accounting software. These features are developed to provide a controllable, smooth e-Invoicing experience.
Rigorous safety and security measures are in place
We are serious about security at Link4. We perform multiple security and quality checks according to international cybersecurity standards.
Trusted by thousands
Link4, provides e-Invoicing services for multiple industries, across different countries. We have worked with businesses of all sizes and all levels of government entities.

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