e-Invoicing for Software Providers

Whether you are an Accounting software provider or an ERP vendor (business management software), you can now easily integrate with Link4 to enable e-Invoicing for your customers.

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Partnering with Link4 makes you Peppol compliant (immediately, with less effort) and eliminates the hassle of obtaining Peppol accreditation - a globally-accepted set of e-Invoicing standards and specifications adopted by more than 35 countries along with New Zealand. Your customers can easily and securely send and/or receive e-Invoices directly within your own software offering.

Link4 e-Invoicing can be used as a white-label solution, integrated with your product or as an add-on that will help your customers to send or receive invoices swiftly through your own platform.

e-Invoicing for ERP, Accounting and Business Software Solutions

Link4 currently integrates with a range of ERP, Accounting and Business software packages as an opt-in feature. Thus, we have the experience and expertise to ensure smooth integration with your software, too!

As a Software Provider, Link4 enables you to:
Always connect with our Technical Support team and provide best-in-class service.
Customisable e-Invoicing solution options based on your capability and your customers' needs.
Offer your customers the latest in e-Invoicing technology.
Partner with a leading Peppol accredited and MBIE recognised Access Point provider.
Give your clients a seamless and secure e-Invoicing process.

Connected Cloud Accounting and Business Software Solutions

Many Cloud Accounting and Business systems are being connected to Link4 e-Invoicing Access Point.


ERP Integration Solutions

Link4 provides seamless custom integration for a range of ERP systems.

OCR Integration Solutions

Link4 not only integrates but partners with OCR systems, to provide an additional e-Invoicing channel to existing ERP platforms.

Experience the Benefits of e-Invoicing

Are you ready to be e-Invoicing-enabled? Tell us how we can help you.

    Link4 Certifications

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    MBIE Accredited e-Invoicing Service Provider

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    Peppol Access Point Certified Provider

    Enable e-Invoicing through your Own Accounting Platform!