e-Invoicing vs e-Invoicing which is correct?

Posted by Robin Sands on 30/09/2016

As Electronic Invoicing becomes mainstream, the term relating to is used more often, and inevitably it is shortened to an easier-to-use word. Questions then arise as to which is the correct way to spell it.

I have seen e-Invoicing and e-Invoicing both being used frequently of late. But is one spelling more correct than the other?

The reality is, we are seeing the evolution of language happen around us all the time, and this is one of the words currently going through the process. So where is it heading?

The best example I can think of is Electronic Mail. That adapted to E-Mail and went through phases of e-Mail and eMail before becoming the form we use today – email.

Therefore, I can see Electronic Invoicing going through the same process and ending up as einvoicing. But we are not there yet. For now, both e-Invoicing and e-Invoicing are acceptable.

While we are using e-Invoicing for now, I hope it won’t be too long before we drop the dash and capital I.

Other questions around this topic can be found in a series of posts on the Link4 website. This includes: What really is e-Invoicing? What are the benefits to customers or suppliers? Who are the global players in the e-Invoicing space?

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