Looking to Find a Replacement for Invitbox?

Posted by Link4 Team on 30/05/2018

Intuit has just announced that they will be ending their Invitbox service on the 30th of September, 2018.

While we’re sad to see them go, it leaves a big question for their current users and those that were interested in it: What is a good alternative for Invitbox?

Many customers leaving Invitbox will be looking for a solution to replace what they’ve come to know, enjoy using and rely on. There are various options on the market offering similar capabilities to Invitbox but there are solutions that offer this and more to their users.

Have you been looking for a way to receive invoices from your suppliers without needing to process PDFs?

Link4’s unique solution offers both invoice extraction and the ability to send and receive invoices through Cloud Accounting software without needing to process PDFs. Our Accounts payable and Accounts receivable solution is specifically designed for small and medium businesses as well as Accountants and bookkeepers.

With invoices being created from a supplier’s Cloud Accounting software and then sent directly to a customer’s Cloud Accounting software or via PDF in an email – the invoice data is safely stored in the Cloud.

While we believe that the future of sending invoices will be through e-invoicing, we understand that it is a new concept and there will still be the need for PDF invoices extraction until this time comes. That is why we have a PDF invoice feature within Link4, making the transition to the widespread adoption of e-invoicing as seamless as possible right now.

What Are the Benefits of e-invoicing?

E-invoicing with Link4 allows SMBs to save time and money on their invoicing processes. Other benefits of e-invoicing include:

  • Reducing staff overhead costs
  • Saving money on postage, printing and paper costs
  • Reducing invoice errors
  • Reducing your carbon footprint

How Can I Store Invoices?

As well as sending e-invoices, we also have a PDF feature allowing users to send in or upload their PDF invoices and turn them into e-invoices. Our real-life verification team ensures the extracted data is correct and matches the original invoices. Users can also verify this information in Link4 before saving and sending the invoice to their Cloud Accounting software where it will then be stored.

If You’re Used to Using Invitbox, Link4 Has Some Familiar Features:

  • Invoices are sent straight into your Cloud Accounting software
  • Easy to search using supplier and customer names, dates, invoices status as well as keywords and phrases
  • Accurate data extraction
  • Multiple users can access the one Account
  • Link4 stores e-invoices for five years in accordance with ATO requirements
  • No deactivation fees even if you’re on a paid subscription

But, Link4 Has Even More to Offer:

  • Link4 is free when you send or receive less than 50 invoices a month
  • eInvoices can be delivered to Cloud Accounting systems and as PDFs via email if required
  • Only your approved suppliers can send e-invoices to you
  • Link4’s Dashboard provides a complete overview of your invoices, purchase bills and outstanding invoices as well as your connected customers and suppliers
  • Option to check invoices, allocate line items to different Accounts and approve the invoice
  • Provides a secure link between Cloud Accounting systems – it’s only through  connection we make, all of your other important information in your Cloud Accounting software is kept safe
  • Link4 can be connected to the following Cloud Accounting systems and is an approved add-on for each of the following software: MYOB, QuickBooks, Sage One, Xero, Saasu & Reckon.

Read more about the benefits of e-invoicing and how you can reduce debtor collector days here.

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