Link4 Pre-Approved on the e-Invoicing Panel for All Government Departments

Posted by Link4 Team on 15/12/2020

Every Federal, State and Local government department can now receive e-invoicing services from Australian e-invoicing provider, Link4 – without the need for a tender process.

The Australian Government recognises e-invoicing as a way to support small businesses in their recovery from the COVID crisis. It has been estimated that $3 Billion per year can be injected into the Australian economy if just 15% of businesses participate.

With that in mind, the government has reviewed all the e-invoicing offerings in the market and created a panel of ones that could be used by the Australian Federal Government, State Government and Local Government departments.

When a department or council are ready to consider e-invoicing, they can easily compare approved offerings through the Peppol Capabilities Panel. Link4 is proud to be an Australian business that is ready to support all levels of government with e-invoicing.

Being the supplier of choice for the Department of Treasury gave us a great opportunity to prove that Link4 can support e-invoicing for any size organisation.

Our service allows the government departments to be more efficient, but also to meet their goals of paying invoices within 5 days of receiving one.

E-invoicing can increase the efficiency of invoice processing by 60% to 80% .

E-invoicing has been mandated for the Federal Government, where all departments will need to incorporate an e-invoice service as part of their Accounting process by June 30, 2022. This effort has been increased as digitising the invoice process is seen to help the Australian economy recover faster.

The most important part of working with the government is to achieve our goal of helping small to medium businesses deliver their invoices to the government and get paid faster so they can manage finances effectively. With the impacts of COVID-19, government funding for small businesses can now be on-time to ensure they can recover faster and help sustain the economy in Australia.

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