BOC Customers are Removing Data Entry Pain Points through Digital Invoicing Trial

Posted by Link4 Team on 24/04/2018

We’ve been streamlining BOC customers’ invoicing processes with outstanding results.

Over the last 5 months, we’ve completed a successful digital invoicing trial with Australia’s number-one gas supplier BOC Australia.

During this project, we instantly delivered more than 1,000 of BOC’s invoices directly into their customer’s Cloud Accounting systems each month. This has enabled 800 Australian businesses to save time and money when it came to processing their BOC invoices.

Throughout the trial, BOC’s Online Channel Manager Daniel Whittle said they continuously received positive feedback from their customers.

“The benefits of digital invoicing with Link4 are obvious as soon as the customer is connected.”

“It’s no question that it’s inconvenient for any customer to sort through invoices, identify them and then re-enter that information into their Cloud Accounting system. Especially when they can just receive it there in the first place.”

– Daniel Whittle, Online Channel Manager at BOC Austalia.

BOC found that while they were making their customers’ lives easier, they were also making their own processes easier. With BOC taking away the need for their customers to manually enter invoice data, it was easier for them to process invoices and therefore make payments on time. Overall, this resulted in customers paying their BOC invoices an average of 22 days earlier than the National average.

“This trial really shows what the future of digital invoicing will be like. It’s all about being able to send and receive your invoices as simply as possible. We understand that many small businesses are inundated with bookkeeping work and do not want to spend all of their time manually entering data from invoices when they can be spending it on running their business.”

– Robin Sands, CEO and Co-Founder of Link4 Australia.

Digital Invoicing Webinar

As a part of this partnership, we had BOC’s Daniel Whittle speak in our monthly webinar. In this webinar, we spoke about the project and how it continues to benefit BOC customers. The webinar also acted as a platform to cover the most frequently asked questions that both BOC and Link4 received during the trial.

If you want to catch up on this webinar, you can watch it from anywhere at any time here.

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