Land Information New Zealand is Live with eInvoicing!

Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) is one of the latest central government agencies in New Zealand to join the Peppol eInvoicing network, becoming eInvoicing compliant.

After selecting Link4, one of the leading Access Point providers for the government sector in New Zealand and Australia, LINZ, as a major public service department, can now receive eInvoices into their ERP platform TechnologyOne.

A key highlight of this project is that LINZ is one of the few government departments in New Zealand to now be able to validate eInvoices and send invoice responses back to their suppliers swiftly through the Link4 eInvoicing Access Point.

Since the successful implementation of this project, LINZ process their suppliers’ invoices and sends their status back to their suppliers’ Accounting systems through the eInvoicing Peppol Network.

In this case, even if a LINZ supplier has joined the eInvoicing network but they are unable to receive invoice responses yet, Link4 sends the status of the invoice via email. As a result, this Link4 facility eliminates the need for LINZ to spend time independently recognising if the supplier can receive an invoice response or not.

Link4 worked directly with the LINZ’s team to implement this project. Interestingly, the first supplier of LINZ has already adopted Link4 InvoiceExpress – a quick and easy solution that allows them to send invoices without the need to use a Cloud Accounting system.

Link4 CTO Sam Hassan shared, “This was an exciting project for Link4. We hope that eInvoicing will continue to create a positive operational transformation for the government and business sectors in New Zealand.”

About Land Information New Zealand (LINZ)

LINZ is New Zealand Government’s top agency for all information on property, locations, crown property, and overseas investment management. With over 700 employees across their three offices in Hamilton, Christchurch and Wellington, they work to ensure New Zealand has accurate information about where people and places are. Further, LINZ assures that the country’s citizens have confidence in their property rights and the that Crown property is well managed for future generations.

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