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Link4 is a secure Link for cloud systems to be interconnected. No matter which cloud software you are using, Link4 enables users to instantly send invoices directly to another cloud accounting system.

Link4 is an invoice delivery service specialising in securely delivering invoices directly into the accounting systems of small and medium businesses. Link4 is designed to add-on to your current cloud accounting software and enhance it’s invoicing capabilities.

No matter which cloud accounting software you are using, Link4 enables users to send invoices directly into their customer’s cloud accounting software instantly. Link4 automates the invoicing process for SMBs saving them time and money, allowing them to focus more on other aspects of their business.

We strive to make the world a better place by making small business more successful.

We work together as Link4 to help business people realize their full potential and grow their business, by capitalising on abilities of cloud solutions.

We see ourselves to be the #1 Electronic Invoice Delivery choice for small & medium enterprises globally.

“Link4 helps quicken the process and make it easier to get things done, without paper. And being able to set up which account it goes to is really helpful too”
Jessica D.
Admin of Logistics & Supply Chain

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