FAQs for DCC Suppliers

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We have compiled a list of answers to common supplier onboarding questions.

General FAQs

An eInvoice is an electronically generated and transmitted document, enabling direct information exchange between the buyers’ and suppliers’ Accounting systems. This eliminates the necessity to print and send paper-based invoices or email PDF invoices, as well as manually inputting information into your Accounting system.

Link4 is a recognised Peppol eInvoicing service provider in both Australia and New Zealand. DCC has engaged Link4 to conduct the eInvoice onboarding process with their suppliers.

Link4’s award-winning, Peppol-certified eInvoicing solution has been provided to more than 34 Australian government departments and agencies, enterprises and thousands of businesses (and growing). While being actively present throughout Australia, Link4 also provides eInvoicing services in New Zealand, Singapore, the United Kingdom and soon in the United States. This experience showcases their expertise in eInvoicing solutions.

● Faster payments: Avoid payment inefficiencies and get paid on time.

● Swift invoice exchange: Eliminate delivery delays.

● Seamless and safe invoice delivery: Eliminate email scams and attacks.

● Track your invoices: All information can be easily extracted.

● Avoid invoice duplicates and errors: Ensure accurate invoicing practices.

● Save time and costs: Reduce time and costs, improve your cash flow.

Yes, eInvoicing will ensure that you will continue to get paid on time through accurate, seamless and safe invoice delivery – as opposed to traditional or email invoices.

You can sign up for free and start sending eInvoices. For package upgrades and added value features, please check the Link4 website.

Simon Eustace

Supply Services Officer

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (03) 6424 0532

No, it’s not required. However, eInvoicing is fast becoming the best solution for organisations, both in the government and private sector, as it has game-changing positive results. If you would like to find out more about eInvoicing, you can get in touch with Link4 via [email protected].

Technical FAQs

No matter which Cloud Accounting/ERP system software you are using, Link4 enables eInvoicing delivery directly into your customer’s Accounting software instantly. Please get in contact with the Link4 team through Live Chat or email ([email protected]) to find out if your Accounting/ERP system is ready for eInvoicing.

No, you can get the benefits of eInvoicing now. Link4 team can help you plan your eInvoicing journey. Link4 offers a 30-minute free consultation for DCC Suppliers. Book your session now.

No, you cannot. The Link4 portal creates the invoice based on the template you have created for your organisation.

Yes, however we prefer eInvoicing instead of emailed PDFs for all of the benefits listed above. Emailed PDFs can be sent to [email protected] until you transition to eInvoicing.

eInvoicing eliminates the need for sending paper invoices. DCC prefers to receive invoices electronically.

Your customer/supplier number can be found on previous purchase orders. You can also call Simon Eustace (Supply Services Officer) on (03) 6424 0532 or email [email protected] from DCC and request this information.

Ensure you inform Link4 which service provider you are working with. Please contact Link4 through [email protected].

No, the Link4 platform is used for invoice exchanges only.

No, you can sign up with Link4 and as part of the sign-up process, you will need to accept the Terms and Conditions.

eInvoicing is an easier way to exchange invoices with your customers and suppliers, activate eInvoicing now. Please contact Link4 for any clarifications via [email protected].

Please check if they are an eInvoicing accredited service provider by the ATO or not. This would be highly unlikely, due to other platforms operating as closed networks. To clarify, please contact Link4 through [email protected].

Yes, once you connect with Link4 you will be connected to all customers who are connected to the Peppol eInvoicing network.

Log into your Link4 account to check. You can also contact DCC to get more detailed information.

Link4 offers a range of services to enhance your eInvoicing process. If you are interested in learning more, please get in touch with the Link4 team ([email protected]) and get all the details you need.

Can’t find what you need?

Reach out to Simon Eustace (Supply Services Officer at Devonport City Council) on (03) 6424 0532 or email [email protected].