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4 Simple Steps to get Started

4 Steps to Get Started

1. Sign up to create your Link4 account.

2. Connect your cloud accounting software.

3. Invite and connect your customers and suppliers.

4. Instantly send and receive invoices right from your cloud accounting software.

Link4 is Free

Send or Receive up to 10 invoices per month

If you are sending and/or receiving less than 10 invoices through Link4 each month, then Link4 is free for you. No charge.

PDF Invoices


Do you still receive PDF invoices? We’ve got you covered.

We have made processing, storing and sorting your invoices easier with Link4. Upload or email your PDF files directly to Link4.

Link4’s e-Invoicing solution is nationally and internationally recognised.


Traditional invoicing costs $40 per invoice.
For as little as $0.45 you can send an invoice with Link4.

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