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Reduce invoicing costs by 90%.
Get paid 3 times faster.

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4 Simple Steps to get Started

Authorise Link4 to connect to your cloud accounting software.

Invite your customers to join your network on Link4.

You customer accepts the invitation to connect on Link4.

Create your invoice as usual, and your invoice will be delivered to your customer instantly.

Exchange invoices instantly with your current accounting software

Link4 Partner Logos

Link4 Partner Logos

Link4 - Send & Receive Invoices Instantly

Suppliers: Reduce invoicing costs by up to 44%

Simple, fast, efficient. Link4 will deliver your invoice direct to the accounting system of your customer. Invoice smarter with Link4.

Link4 - Send & Receive Invoices Instantly

Customers: Eliminate Data Entry

No more data entry errors or PDF uploads. Link4 delivers invoices direct to your accounting system and lets you approve and categorise it much faster and simpler. And it’s free to try.

Sounds interesting. Is there a way to see it in action?

Sure. Let’s have a live web demonstration so you can see what Link4 is capable of and how it can work for you.

Traditional invoicing costs $40 per invoice.
For as little as $0.45 you can send an invoice with Link4.

Simplify the Invoice Process

Link4 allows you to send invoices directly to many software systems, instantly.

Track Your Invoices

Tired of dealing with paper invoices? Want to track when your invoices are received or processed?


Security included in your accounting package, their accounting package and Link4 security means your invoices are safe and secure.

Link4 Dashboard

Faster Cash Flow

Increase your cash flow by having your invoices in their accounting system faster.


Dashboards show you when an invoice has been received/accepted/processed, and it allows you to view history to see who you best payers are.

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