Xero Marketplace Now Includes Link4

Being able to send an invoice direct to another Xero user is a feature many like. But business owners find this limiting when their suppliers and customers use other systems. Link4 addresses this issue by allowing Xero users to send invoices direct to other cloud accounting systems.

Electronic invoicing (e-Invoicing) is when invoices are sent instantly between accounting systems. This is not using fax, email or PDFs. Rather, invoices are created as usual in your Xero system and automatically sent to your customer if you are connected on the e-Invoicing network.

A supplier gains more visibility with regards to where their invoices are in the cycle, while customers save a lot of data entry time, increase their accuracy and build on their real-time business intelligence.

Link4 is an add-on that is available for all Xero users. Try it out and see how much simpler true e-Invoicing is for your business.

Sign up for a free trial and connect Link4 with Xero.

Link4 – A Simple Seamless Invoice Exchange

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