We’ve Joined the FinTech Australia Community

We have recently become a part of the FinTech Australia community.

FinTech Australia was founded by the national Fintech community to provide support and services to the greater  community in Australia. Being a part of this community means we will have access to the supportive ecosystem FinTech Australia has created for it members. This includes a wide range of programs and services that aim to provide support, education, advocacy and network development opportunities.

At Link4, we want to see Australia become a world leader in this industry. FinTech Australia also share this goal and are committed to making it a reality. They will continue to challenge current  policy, advocate on behalf of its members and provide platforms for businesses to connect.

What is FinTech?

FinTech stands for Financial Technology. The companies that are a part of FinTech Australia are revolutionising the future of the financial services industry. These companies provide a diverse range of tech products for businesses and consumers, helping them with their financial needs in new ways. Read more about the benefits for consumers and businesses here.

This community has grown dramatically in a short period of time. Over the past four years, the number of start ups has risen from less than 100 in 2014 to almost 600 today. Investment in this sector has also increased to $US675 million last year compared to only $US53 million in 2012. The largest sector in Australia at the moment are payment and lending solutions. e-Invoicing is a developing space in which Link4 is currently a leader with respect to SMEs.

Link4 is one of the 70 per cent of Fintech businesses providing their services directly to businesses. As a true e-Invoicing solution for small and medium businesses, we deliver invoices from suppliers to buyers instantly using their cloud accounting software. We streamline the invoicing process, allowing both the sender and receiver to save time and money. Want to know more about how you can save with e-Invoicing? Read this.

e-Invoicing continues to evolve and being a part of this community will help us collaborate and provide the best solutions for the end user. Expect some of these exciting new developments in 2018.

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