Victorian business falls victim to invoice interception

The last thing you want to worry about when spending time with your nine year old son on his birthday is a scam. This sad moment happened to Jane Fleming as she realised $51,000 was missing from her account.

The article from ABC News came out on the 24th of November highlighting an issue that can affect any business so quickly. Simon O’Donnell who is a concreter for the business had done his job and sent an invoice to Jane. It was in this moment that the email was intercepted and Simon’s bank details changed on the invoice.

A common issue with these scams is when the details are changed and the person receiving the invoice does not recognise the account is wrong, they may think it’s a new account which they have and send the money without confirmation.

Unfortunately, although Jane did recognise this, she still sent the money to the details given in the email which lost her that $51,000.

It would be easy to say that the solution is to confirm bank details before paying any invoice, but that is not realistic and doesn’t relieve the pressure. A longer term solution is to avoid giving scammers a chance to get their hands on the invoice.

e-Invoicing is becoming more recognised and enforced due to its safety and efficiency in getting invoices sent and received on time. Invoices sent through email are tracked and intercepted, whereas an e-Invoice is communicated through a secure connection which stops scammers from being able to change the details of an invoice.

it is our role as an approved Peppol access point provider to ensure invoices are secure and sent to the right person. Seeing another Victorian business fall victim to such an ordeal is unfortunate and Link4 will continue to help local businesses avoid such a fate.

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