Providing e-invoicing Solutions for the United States

Providing e-invoicing solutions for the United States

Connect your cloud accounting system and start sending or receiving e-invoices to businesses across the United States.

What is e-invoicing?

E-invoicing is the sending and/or receiving of invoices directly from one accounting system to another. Invoices are created directly in your cloud accounting software, and are transmitted to your customers’ cloud accounting software via a secure network. 
E-invoicing IS NOT sending a PDF invoice via email. Businesses no longer have to rely on paper or email to send and receive invoices.

Why choose e-invoicing?

With e-invoicing, businesses can streamline their accounts payable and accounts receivable processes resulting in:
  • Saving the business owner time by removing the manual processes involved in invoicing
  • Reducing costs for the business through the reduction of staff overhead costs
E-invoicing is a much more secure way to send and receive your invoices. E-invoicing reduces the chances of payment redirection scams from occurring as e-invoicing doesn’t require sending or receiving invoices via email.


Automate your Accounts Receivable, Sending invoices directly to your Customer's System


Automate your Accounts Payable, receiving invoices directly to your accounting software


Streamline your payments and cash flow

Future proof your business by going paperless

Remove Manual Data Entry

E-invoicing removes the need for manual data entry and reduces staff overhead costs. Your invoices are delivered instantly to your chosen accounts within your cloud accounting software.

High-Security Document Storage

You can feel confident in securely accessing your e-invoices from anywhere. With all your invoices stored in the cloud, you will never lose an invoice again!

Safe and Secure

Link4 assures that your information will remain confidential. Link4 is granted limited access to accounts, bills, and contacts to provide a streamlined experience.

Working With Your Accounting Software

We work with a variety of cloud accounting software systems, so it takes less than 2 minutes to connect them to Link4. 

Why choose Link4?

Link4 is trusted by thousands of businesses around the world

Accreditated around the world


Link4 is a Peppol-certified e-invoicing access point service provider

Global Presence

Link4 is trusted by thousands of businesses throughout Singapore, United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Australia to name a few.


Save Time

No more manual data entry. Link4 will deliver your invoices into your accounting software

Accounting Software

We integrate with leading cloud accounting systems

Privacy and Security

We are an approved add-on and your accounting information remains confidential


Businesses no longer have to rely on paper or email to send and receive invoices. 

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