Samios Plumbing Supplies Teams Up with Link4

Posted by Sam Hassan on 11/09/2018

As part of BGW Group’s partnership with Link4, Samios Plumbing Supplies is now ready to instantly invoice with Link4’s e-Invoicing solution.

Samios Plumbing along with two other BGW Group companies, CNW Electrical Wholesale and Sherriff Electrical Wholesalers, are now connected to Link4 and sending invoices instantly to their connected customers.

Samios Plumbing is just one of many Australian businesses that are adopting e-Invoicing and joining this wave to automate their business processes even further. Streamlining the invoicing process saves time for their customers so they can focus on other facets of their business.

“We are always looking for ways to better support our customers and we want to make it as easy as possible for them to receive our invoices and enable them to allocate the correct products to every job,” – David Dean, Chief Information Officer, BGW Group.

“Using e-Invoicing really simplifies the process as customers receive invoices directly into their Accounting software and it reduces the time they spend on administration.”

More About e-Invoicing

Unlike traditional invoicing or even emailing invoices, e-Invoicing allows customers to receive invoices straight to their Xero, MYOB, QuickBooks, Sage, Saasu or Reckon Cloud Accounting software. There’s no paper, mailing or even data entry involved, saving customers time and money from the invoicing process. When you receive less than 50 invoices a month, Link4 is free!

It’s easy to start instantly invoicing, simply sign up to Link4 and connect your Cloud Accounting software to begin sending invoices directly to your customers and receive invoices straight into your system.

Once connected and using Link4, Samios Plumbing Supplies customers are able to invite and connect with their own customers and suppliers in the same way.

If you’re a Samios Plumbing customer looking to sign up for e-Invoicing with Link4 from anywhere in Australia, you can sign up through Samios Plumbing here.

Learn more about e-Invoicing and some of its benefits here.

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