Our New & Enhanced Infrastructure Platform

We have successfully migrated our customers and systems to Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Since making the move, we have been running our systems and securely storing our data using AWS. This data and our system information is being stored locally at AWS’s data centre here in Sydney.

The main reason we have migrated to AWS is to increase our ability to serve more customers and expand our Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities.

“By using the on-demand computing power of AWS, we can release new features more rapidly and scale to meet times of high user demand. Even during the busiest times of the day. This allows Link4 to grow to millions of subscribers globally,” the company said in a statement about the move.

AWS provides a range of applications and solutions for all business types to create and run virtually any application. By running applications in the AWS Cloud, it will enable Link4 to operate our services more securely. It will also allow us to develop at a rapid rate and create new services using this technology.

AWS are globally recognised for their continual investment in improving their services and developing innovative technology. With this technology available through AWS, it opens up a multitude of possibilities for Link4 as we grow in the future.

There have been no changes to how we currently operate. Link4 will continue to deliver your invoices instantly between cloud accounting systems as we normally do. We’re just improving our platform and opening ourselves up to new technological capabilities. This means we can continue to create the best experience for all of our users, now and in the future.

If you would like to know any more information about Link4 Australia’s systems and what this change means for your data, email us at [email protected].

To find out more about Amazon Web Services, visit their website here.

About Link4

Link4 is a Software as a Service solution that delivers invoices instantly from one cloud accounting system to another without the need for emails or data entry. e-Invoicing saves both the sender and receiver time and money by streamlining the process using your current cloud accounting system. There are no long term commitments and no installation is required. Book a web-based demonstration to find out how easy it is to use Link4 here.

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