Link4 teams up with MoneyWorks to provide seamless e-Invoicing services to over 40,000 organisations

Thanks to a new partnership, MoneyWorks users in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and the UK are now able to access e-Invoicing services through Link4.

Moneyworks is developed by Cognito Software Ltd and has over 40,000 organisations utilising the software for their business’s accounting needs. Link4’s recent partnership with Cognito means that these 40,000 organisations have the ability to easily send and receive e-Invoices, joining the array of other organisations that already make use of Link4’s services.

The seamless integration between Link4 and MoneyWorks allows business owners using MoneyWorks to receive e-Invoices directly into their accounting software. They can immediately begin to experience the benefits of e-Invoicing, including reduced business expenses due to saved time and resources, along with increased productivity. 

Suppliers that use MoneyWorks are now also able to send invoices instantly into the accounting software of their customers that are on the PEPPOL network, which includes several government departments and enterprises. This will help businesses to improve their cash flow by speeding up the invoice processing cycle.

MoneyWorks is a welcome addition to the accounting & ERP services Link4 currently partners with to provide its services to businesses globally.

“MoneyWorks already provides great software for businesses to utilise, and this partnership will only make it easier for business owners to streamline their accounting process and make the most of their time,” noted Robin Sands, CEO of Link4.

Grant Cowie, Managing Director at Cognito Software said, “We’re always on the lookout to provide the most up-to-date technologies for our users. Integrating e-Invoicing via Link4 is our next step towards the fastest possible cloud accounting experience.”

 About Link4
Link4 allows a business to instantly exchange e-Invoices and purchase bills directly to and from their own accounting software, removing the need for paper, PDFs and emails. As an accredited e-Invoicing service provider and PEPPOL Access Point that is designed specifically to support small and medium enterprises, Link4 provides an automated service to reduce expenses, improve workplace efficiency and increase cash flow without requiring any installation or long-term commitments.

About MoneyWorks

MoneyWorks represents a major step forward in accounting software. It is fully scalable to meet the needs of many businesses without the bloated features, costs and complications of full blown ERP systems—MoneyWorks is the perfect option for those serious about what good accounting can do for business performance. MoneyWorks is supported around the world, with customer service and consultancy support in North America, UK & Europe, South Africa and Asia Pacific.

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