E&S e-invoicing using Attaché software

Posted by Link4 Team on 18/09/2021

The E&S Electrical Wholesalers group has adopted e-invoicing as part of the digitisation of their Procure-to-Pay processes. E&S selected e-invoicing Access Point Link4 for the implementation, and it is the first business in Australia to use Attaché (an Access company) software for e-invoicing.

Attaché is the financial management and payroll software provided by the Access Group. Attaché is yet another example of an accounting software package that has been proven to integrate with Link4.

“We have been working closely with the Attaché team to enable e-invoicing for E&S, but now any business using Attaché can benefit from e-invoicing with Link4,” says Sam Hassan, CTO of Link4.

Link4 allows E&S to deliver their e-invoices through the Peppol network. If a customer is not yet on the network, Link4 will still deliver the invoice securely, giving customers the option of downloading a copy as a PDF, XML or CSV file.

Link4 is a complete invoicing solution that will deliver both e-invoices and regular invoices. For E&S, more than 1,000 invoices were sent via Link4 within the first 2 weeks of going live.

Digitising E&S’s invoicing processes will enable safer and faster invoice processing for their customers. It will also improve cash flow for E&S and streamline the process for their customers, because the invoice will be delivered directly into their accounting software without the need for long hours of data entry.

“It is great to see E&S join the e-invoicing network,” stated Robin Sands, Link4 CEO. “They have shown how easy it is for any Attache user to make life easier for their trading partners – especially their small business customers.”

The partnership between Attaché (an Access company) and Link4 will be strengthened through this integration led by E&S. By digitising their procure-to-pay process, E&S are taking the lead in encouraging more businesses to adopt e-invoicing. The benefits as more companies embrace this technology will be felt throughout the entire business ecosystem.

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