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    Connecting Link4 with Accountants and Bookkeepers. Easily exchange invoices no matter what system you are using.

Link4 is designed to work a little differently for accountants and bookkeepers, giving you a seamless way to oversee your clients invoicing processes as well as your own.


Our Accountants and Bookkeepers portal allows you to serve all your clients efficiently and in the one place.


When you sign up through this portal, you’ll automatically become a part of our Partner Program and receive a commission for the clients you refer to Link4!


Streamlined AP/AR Service

Our cloud-based AP/AR solution radically simplifies the invoicing process for you and your clients

AP (Receiving)

Instantly receive and approve invoices from within your cloud accounting software.

Reduce Processing Costs

  • Reduce time spent on manual data entry

  • Reduce staff overhead costs for your clients

  • Save on paper and printing costs

Manage More Clients More Efficiently

  • Spend more time on data analysis and improving business processes for your clients

  • Serve every client more profitably

AR (Sending)

Instantly send invoices straight from your cloud accounting software.

More Data and Insights

  • View all of your clients in the one place

  • Track client’s invoicing processes and better manage these practices

  • Track invoices from delivery to payment

Increase Cash Flow

  • Get your clients paid faster and increase their cash flow

  • Improved visibility into the invoicing process making it easier to implement strategies to increase cash flow further

Specialised Dashboard 

Improved Client Relationships

  • Instant invoicing speeds up the process for everyone, meaning faster invoices approval and payment, no lost invoices, less calls to your client’s customers to chase up on their invoice payments.

  • Reduce the amount of time spent on the phone giving you more time to spend with your clients.


Partner Program


Support and Training

  • Access to our local dedicated support team to help you and your clients

  • Training for you and your team, including a free demonstration.

  • Access to sales and marketing tools to onboard clients and introduce them to Link4.



  • Sign up your clients and receive a commission on their ongoing Link4 spend.


We recognise the important role Accountants and Bookkeepers play in guiding their clients to the best invoicing solutions, as such, we offer benefits for any referral sign-ups to Link4.


In the table below you will find the reward structure we have in place to reward organisations who encourage their clients to sign-up with us.


  • 1-10
  • 11-99
  • 100+
  • 7.5%
  • 10%
  • 15%


Rewards are for current (paying) users only, and cover the Link4 subscription fees of the organisations referred to Link4.

To ensure you receive rewards for your referrals, sign up via the Accountants/Bookkeepers portal and connect your customers through the My Clients tab. Alternatively, if you are referring businesses that are not your clients, then simply email the details to and we will ensure you are credited for your efforts.

Thank you for continuing to recommend Link4 as an eInvoicing solution for your clients.
We appreciate your support!


Link4 works with the following cloud accounting software:


“Link4 will create significant efficiency in our accounts payable process, over and above the most efficient combination of cloud-based OCR tools and Xero – and the audit trail is perfect” – Shaye Thyer, Finance Manager, BDO.

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