Link4 SMP

Link4 SMP

Link SMP (Service Metadata Publisher) is available for Link4 users and can be used by other access points or governments.

PEPPOL is a global set of standards & specifications enabling cross-border eProcurement.

All participants of the PEPPOL network (both buyers and suppliers) publish the information about their location and e-invoicing capabilities within a Service Metadata Publisher (SMP). In plain terms, SMP is a registry containing data about members of the e-procurement community, necessary for the electronic documentation exchange.

When a user creates a new Link4 account and undergoes the process of identity verification, his documents are automatically updated on the Link4 SMP.

Link4 became an accredited access point by Ato in October 2019.
Which makes Link4 one of the first service providers to get accreditation in Australia
Receive a tool to manage the capabilities of your users for e-procurement. Register their details in Link4 SMP.