Link4 Released to Adelaide Businesses

South Australian businesses can now receive invoices direct to their cloud accounting system. This negates the need for time consuming data entry or handling invoices through emails. It’s as simple as logging in to their cloud accounting package and approving the invoice from their supplier.

Cloud accounting systems have the ability to accept and send invoices without impacting any other information in the system. No matter which cloud software a supplier uses, Link4 enables them to send invoices directly to another cloud accounting system, instantly.

Link4 has been developed in Adelaide for the global market. It is one of the first types of solutions like this, but we can expect other solutions to be created as vendors see the need to provide this option for businesses that are looking to cut costs and increase control of their financial processes.

Both the supplier and the user benefit from Link4. However, in a move to encourage adoption, customers will have access to the system for free. To send invoices through the system, suppliers will sign up for a monthly package (as this is a Software as a Service model), which will generally be less than the price of a postage stamp.

Link4 has been released today to allow suppliers to send invoices from their cloud accounting software to customers on many types of systems. Initially, these will include the six most popular cloud accounting packages in Australia, such as: Xero, MYOB, Saasu, Reckon, SageOne, and Quickbooks. Every month, additional software solutions will be added so the network of connections will continue to grow.

Even though a roadmap exists, Link4 Australia are listening to feedback from their clients. The most often requested solutions will be fast tracked and available as soon as possible.

Security is key to this aspect of any business. Therefore, several layers of security are in place, including the security of both the supplier’s system and the customer’s system, as well as multiple security protocols put in place by Link4.

Additionally, companies can be reassured that Link4 only deals with specific invoices that are transmitted between software solutions. No other information is affected or accessed.

Link4 has been tested by many people with responses including: “It is surprisingly simple and easy to use.” “I’m so glad this idea has come out of Adelaide.” And simply “Beautiful.” More early adopters are now being sort to ensure the features requested by users are included.

Being a cloud solution, Link4 will be available anywhere in the world. While marketing efforts will focus in Australia initially, we have already received interest from other countries and expect it will spread to other countries organically. But the initial focus is ensuring local businesses are benefitting.

If you are looking to save time and money, while helping refine a global software solution, please reach out to us via [email protected] We are looking for as many business as we can get in the coming weeks before it becomes available beyond Adelaide.

Link4 – Delivering your invoice instantly.

About Link4
Link4 is a Saas (software as a service) solution to help speed up the invoice process. Being able to send invoices instantly reduces time spent by suppliers and customers when dealing with invoices. Nothing needs to be installed. Users sign up for free online and choose a package that suits their business.
Link4 – Delivering your invoice instantly.

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