Streamline Your Invoice Workflow with Link4 for Salesforce

Are you tired of manual invoice processing, email exchanges, and delayed payments? Say goodbye to these inefficiencies with Link4's seamless eInvoicing solution tailored for Salesforce users.

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This digitisation is the only add-on you will need to enjoy a smooth and safe invoice delivery process.
This integration will simplify the way you exchange invoices. You will be able to receive invoices straight into your Salesforce system or send invoices directly to your customers' Accounting software without the need for emails, PDFs or manual data entry.

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Why Choose Link4 for Salesforce?

Effortless Integration:
Link4 seamlessly integrates with Salesforce, ensuring a smooth transition to automated invoicing processes.
Instant Invoice Delivery:
Experience swift invoice delivery directly from Salesforce to your customers' accounting software, eliminating delays and improving cash flow.
Error-Free Automation:
Say goodbye to manual data entry errors. Link4 automates the invoice exchange process, reducing overheads and increasing efficiency.
Enhanced Visibility:
Gain real-time insights into your invoice workflow, allowing for better decision-making and improved financial management.

How It Works:

Seamless Integration:
Connect Link4 with your Salesforce account effortlessly.
Automated Delivery:
Send invoices directly from Salesforce to your customers' accounting systems in just a few clicks
Real-Time Updates:
Track invoice status and receive notifications for successful deliveries, ensuring transparency and accountability.
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Ready to Transform Your Invoicing Process?

Start your journey towards efficient invoicing with Link4 for Salesforce today. Experience the power of automation and unlock your business's full potential.

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