How to connect your Xero with Link4

Send Invoices from your Xero direct to your customer’s system. Receive invoices Straight into your Xero.

Link4 and Xero integration:

Automate your Invoicing with Link4. The only add on you will need to deliver your invoices instantly. Without PDFs, Without Emails and Without Data Entry

Link4 improves the workflow of dealing with all your sales invoices or purchase bills by integrating with Xero – beautiful accounting software. Connect Link4 today to see a noticeable difference in time spent on your accounts.

When an invoice is created in Xero, Link4 will deliver your invoice to your customer’s cloud accounting software.

The same happens when one of your suppliers sends an invoice to you, Link4 will deliver it to you as a purchase bill.

Link4 is a secure Link for cloud systems to be interconnected. No matter which cloud software you are using, Link4 enables users to send invoices directly to another cloud accounting system, instantly

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