Essential EOFY Checklists

The End of Financial Year is a busy time for all businesses big and small. We’re here to help with a few checklists to make your EOFY as seamless as possible.

Are Your EOFY Year Ready?Getting ready for EOFY can be a stressful time for businesses and, for some, it’s probably their busiest time of year.

Link4 is dedicated to streamlining the invoicing process for small and medium businesses which is also why we want to help businesses operate more efficiently when it comes to tax time. With endless documents and reports to prepare, it can be hard to keep track of all of these tasks.

That’s why we’ve created a handy checklist for businesses to use when they’re getting ready for EOFY. We’ve listed off some of the important tasks that businesses are legally required to lodge as well as some other important reporting that you may want to do.

Print out this checklist, forward to your colleagues or even save it to your desktop – so you can be prepared this EOFY.

Small Business Checklist

Small Business EOFY Checklist: use the help of e-Invoicing

While you’re checking off these tasks, it’s also a good chance to take a step back and have a look over your other business processes to make sure you’re performing at your best.

EOFY can be the best time to review some of these processes to make sure you have the right things and plan in place for the next financial year.

That’s why we’ve also done the hard work for you and found some of the things your business can review while you’re ticking off your EOFY checklist!

Business Review Checklist

Small Business EOFY Review Checklist: e-Invoice can help

Make Your Next End of Financial Year Easier with e-Invoicing

There’s one thing you can put in place right now to make getting organise for the next EOFY as seamless as possible – and that’s e-Invoicing.

With e-Invoicing, businesses can streamline how they send and receive invoices which not only saves time and money – it also means your invoices stay in your cloud accounting software.

Next EOFY, you won’t have to spend hours trying to find a missing invoice or have your bookkeeper chasing you up about misplace invoices. You can even add your accountant or bookkeeper as a user to your Link4 account so they can oversee this as well!

Want to know how Link4 can help with your invoicing needs? Contact us below.

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