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  • e-Invoicing Solution for Ireland

    Link4 are looking to bring their e-Invoicing solution to Ireland so that everyone can start enjoying the benefits of e-Invoicing. “Find out more and register your interest now!”

Why Choose e-Invoicing?

e-Invoicing (Electronic Invoicing) is the seamless delivery of an invoice from a supplier to a customer in an electronic format which is integrated within cloud accounting software.

With e-Invoicing, small and medium businesses can streamline their AP and AR processes which can:

➤  Save the business owner time by removing the manual processes involved in invoicing

➤  Reduce costs for the business through the reduction of staff overhead costs


Businesses no longer have to rely on paper to send and receive invoices and with e-Invoices being stored in the cloud, there is no need for physical storage.

Remove Manual Data Entry

e-Invoicing removes the need for manual data entry and reduces staff overhead costs. Your invoices are delivered instantly to your chosen accounts within your cloud accounting software. 

High-Security Document Storage

You can feel confident in securely accessing your e-Invoices from anywhere. With all your invoices stored in the cloud, you will never lose an invoice again!

A Read ONLY Service

Link4 assures that your account and confidential invoice data will never be accessed. However, Link4 are granted limited access to accounts, bills, and contacts to provide a streamlined experience.

Get Paid Faster

Our customers get paid earlier than their invoice due dates with Link4’s dashboard and notification system, allowing your to track the status of your invoices and send late payment notifications.

What is Link4?

Link4 is the future-proof solution for delivering invoices. Our software provides a secure link between cloud accounting systems utilising the communication and connectivity technology already available in cloud accounting software. After connecting with their suppliers and buyers, users can start securely sending their invoices instantly.

We can connect you with SMB’s, Government Departments, and Enterprises so that you can start receiving e-Invoices directly from them as well.

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Automate your invoice processing. Save your business time and money! 

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