Digital Invoicing Webinar with BOC’s Daniel Whittle

We recently talked to Daniel Whittle from BOC about digital invoicing with Link4.

Watch our latest webinar right here.

In this webinar, we talk to Daniel Whittle the eChannel Manager from BOC Australia. We’ve recently been running a digital invoicing project with BOC, allowing their customers to instantly receive BOC invoices into their cloud accounting systems.

This project began in November 2017 as an eight-week trial for BOC to test digital invoicing with their customers. BOC was looking for a way to invoice their customers effectively while also making their lives easier.

They saw digital invoicing as a way to give time back to their customers. Instead of spending hours processing large volumes of invoices manually, BOC customers could receive their invoices straight into their cloud accounting system, essentially streamlining how they process invoices. By eliminating data entry and cutting down on processing times, BOC saw that digital invoicing would leave their customers with more time to spend running their businesses.

During this webinar, we discuss this partnership with BOC and how digital invoicing works for small businesses.

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