BOC Case Study: Accelerating the Accounts Receivable Process

BOC Australia are removing data entry for customers and accelerating their own invoice payments in partnership with Link4.

Read all about it in our BOC Case Study here.

Since November 2017, BOC Australia has partnered with Link4 to deliver BOC’s invoices directly into their customer’s cloud accounting software.

What initially started out as an eight week pilot period to improve their accounts payable process, turned into a much larger project. BOC  saw enough pieces of success in this initial project, which led to them extending the trial to more users.

Fast forward to today, where upon completion of this project, BOC have opened up e-Invoicing with Link4 to all of their customers on an opt-in basis.

The initial project saw BOC experience huge efficiencies in how quickly their customers could receive invoices then make payments almost straight away. As a direct result of e-Invoicing, the number of BOC’s on-time payments increased from 40 percent to 60 percent and the number of late payments went down from eight days after the due date to just two days.

Over the course of the project BOC’s Online Channel Manager, Daniel Whittle, said, “There is no doubt e-Invoicing with Link4 has provided value for both BOC and their customers.”

“We’re very pleased with the results of this project, It really shows the efficiencies that e-Invoicing can provide for both customers and suppliers,” said Robin Sands, CEO and Co-Founder of Link4 Australia.

Read more about how BOC streamlined how their customers received invoices and in turn were paid faster, in our ‘Accelerating the Accounts Receivable Process for BOC Australia’ case study.

Access your free copy of our BOC case study here.

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