Benefits for Accountants and Bookkeepers

Maximise the smooth experience of your customers

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Why cooperate with Link4

Manage your customers through the user-friendly portal

Through your portal, you will be able to see the details of all your clients at once. You can manage their e-Invoicing from your dashboard. No more scanned invoices or manual data entry. Take your customer experience to the next level!

Receive incentives for your referrals

We recognise that you want to provide the best solution to your clients. We appreciate you choosing Link4 as the most suitable e-Invoicing solution for SMEs in Australia, and we will reward you with incentives of 7.5% or more, ongoing, for new users you sign up to Link4.

Thousands of businesses use Link4 to send and receive their invoices today

“Link4 will create significant efficiency in our accounts payable process, over and above the most efficient combination of cloud-based OCR tools and Xero – and the audit trial is perfect.”
Finance Manager, BDO

Explore Your Options

Link4 Access Point

Connect your customers to a world-wide established e-invoicing framework.

Link4 InvoiceExpress

Manage e-invoicing capabilities of your clients who don't use cloud accounting software.

Link4 Payments

Let your customers choose how they pay and get paid for their invoices.