We’ve officially merged with Squirrel Street to provide a full e-Invoicing service for small and medium businesses. 

During a London Tech Week event, we announced that we have successfully merged with Squirrel Street.

Robin Sands and Sam Hassan of Link4 with Simon Foster of Squirrel Street (Centre)

The amalgamation of both organisations provides full e-Invoicing services to small, medium and micro businesses, and brings our combined customer base to 72,500 users across Australia and New Zealand.

Having previously partnered with Squirrel Street to provide our users with a seamless way to process PDF invoices, we both felt that there was an organic synergy during this collaboration making a merger a clear and obvious next step.

“e-Invoicing is the future,” said CEO and Founder of Squirrel Street, Simon Foster. “Combining our services came as a natural decision for both companies to ensure small businesses have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of e-Invoicing now and for years to come.”

By merging, both Squirrel Street and ourselves knew we would be expertly equipped to provide our valued users with two unique services that would make transitioning to e-Invoicing that much easier. 

“Until e-Invoicing is fully adopted, we understand that people still need to process PDF invoices as well as capture their paper invoices,” noted Robin Sands CEO and Co-Founder of Link4 Australia. “Our merged entity gives businesses a good way to transition from a mostly paper-based process to a fully automated cloud-based process.”

Squirrel Street will now become a wholly owned subsidiary of Link4 and each company will retain their current branding. The newly formed Link4 Board consists of Robin Sands as CEO, Simon Foster as Executive Chairman, Sam Hassan as CTO and Jono Herrman as Non-Executive Director.

Both teams are thrilled to be moving forward together and there are exciting plans to integrated and innovate between the two product offerings in the near future. 


You can read more about the announcement on Squirrel Street’s website.

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