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Link4 is Free

for up to 50 invoices per month

Link4 is a Freemium solution. If you are sending and/or receiving less than 50 invoices through Link4 each month, then Link4 is free for you. No charge.

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If you transact more than 50 invoices through Link4 per month or if you want to push your PDF invoices into your accounting system, then select a plan below that suits your needs.

  • 50 Transactions (e-Invoices only-No PDF invoices included in this plan)
  • *Free Plan
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  • 50 Transactions (e-Invoices and PDF invoices)
  • *Billed Annually or $29 Monthly
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  • 100 Transactions (e-Invoices or PDF invoices)
  • *Billed Annually or $45 Monthly
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  • 250 Transactions (e-Invoices or PDF Invoices)
  • *Billed Annually or $99 Monthly
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  • 500 Transactions (e-Invoices or PDF invoices)
  • *Billed Annually or $175 monthly
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If you are processing more than 500 invoices per month, please contact us

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We will send a notification when you have used 80% and 95% of your allocation for the month.

There are no rollover options for these plans. Transaction amounts apply to months they are purchased for. The ability to upgrade or downgrade a plan is made simple within the Link4 dashboard.

PDF processing is a premium feature and is only available as a part of a paid plan.

The above plans are for connected cloud accounting systems. Contact us for EDI or custom implementations.

Prices are based on transactions through Link4, which includes sending invoices and/or receiving bills. If you have any questions or if you send more than 500 invoices in a month, email [email protected]