Store your invoices conveniently in one location, remove manual data entry and reduce your invoicing costs.


Easily capture PDF Invoices using Link4’s Artifical Intelligence (AI) solution to accurately extract invoices. It’s a future-proof solution for your invoice data – saving time and money in the process.


Link4’s PDF feature automates invoice extraction and stores them in one location so you can easily search and organise your invoices. This removes the need to manually enter data meaning:

  • Reduced data entry errors
  • Reduced staff overhead costs
  • Increased time to grow your business


Reduced Cost Per Invoice

We automate the invoicing process by removing data entry. This reduces the cost of manually processing AR/AP invoices. Your business can reduce costs by 44 percent for each invoice you send.



Smart Optimisation

Your invoices are automatically converted and sent to your accounting software, saving you countless hours of manual data entry. 


100% Accuracy with Real-Life Verification

Our support team thoroughly check your invoice information to make sure it is 100% accurate before it is sent to your accounting system. 


Future-Proof Your Business

Paper invoices and physical storage is becoming a thing of the past. Using Link4’s PDF feature will prepare your business for a future without paper processes. With cloud data storage, you can manage your invoices from anywhere and at any time.


Link4 will automatically extract invoice data from your PDF invoice documents. Link4’s PDF feature uses AI solutions and a highly refined procedure that involves real-life verification, so we can guarantee that your PDF invoice data is 100% accurate.