Link4 & Squirrel Street Logos

Last month, we officially announced our successful merger with online invoice and receipt management company Squirrel Street.

Link4 & Squirrel Street Logos

With some of the excitement finally quietening down, we now have the chance to properly introduce Squirrel Street and what they do. 

About Squirrel Street

Squirrel Street is a mobile and web-based service for micro, small and medium businesses to scan and organise receipts, invoices and documents and store them securely online.

Squirrel Street was initially launched in Australia by founder and CEO Simon Foster as Shoeboxed Australia. In 2015, they mutually split from their US parent company and rebranded to Squirrel Street which allowed them to focus on the needs of Australian and New Zealand businesses.

Like us, Squirrel Street aims to reduce the amount of manual data entry needed in the day-to-day operations of small businesses, leaving them to focus on the parts of their business that really matter to them.

How Does Squirrel Street Work?

Squirrel Street makes organising receipt easy in four simple steps:

  1. Send receipts, invoices and other documents to Squirrel Street via a magic envelope, email or by uploading images or scanned copies straight to the website or even through the mobile app.
  2. Squirrel Street’s Australian-based team will then validate the document information.
  3. Clients can then categorise, export and search all the data via the Squirrel Street cloud.
  4. The data is then available to download or export as required. 

Squirrel Street integrates with major cloud accounting systems including MYOB, Saasu, Sage, Xero and QuickBooks. Users can even link their Dropbox account where files can be uploaded or backed up. 

While Squirrel Street allows documents to be processed and removes the needs for manual data entry here, they could see e-Invoicing as being the next step in the automation process for businesses. We can both see that this is the future of invoicing, but we still understand that businesses need a little help before they can move to a fully automated process.

Together, we provide a unique way for businesses to transition from a mostly paper-based process to a fully automated cloud-based process – in fact, it’s the only one of its kind. A full e-Invoicing solution for small businesses. 

What Does the Future Look Like?

Link4 and Squirrel Street will remain separate products and continue to operate as they normally do. However, there are exciting plans to integrate and innovate both of the two products more in the future. 


Read more about the merger here.