eInvoicing Webinar - Link4

Do your clients struggle with unpaid invoices?

They aren’t alone, It’s no surprise given that Australia is ranked worst in the world when it comes to paying outstanding invoices, a problem that costs small businesses and the economy up to 76 billion dollars per year.

That’s why we’ve invited you to have an inside look on what the Australian government is doing to solve invoicing problems for Australian businesses by means of electronic invoicing or eInvoicing.

In this webinar we will show you exactly how you can prepare your clients for the future and help them harness the benefits of eInvoicing. We will be covering the following topics

– What is “True eInvoicing”?                    – Who needs it?

– How is the ATO involved?                      – Will it be mandated?

We will also include a demonstration of what is available now and answer your questions on the topic.

What does eInvoicing mean for Australian Accountants & Bookkeepers


Levine Naidoo, Executive Consultant at the Australian Taxation Office
Robin Sands, CEO of Link4 Australia.

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