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e-Invoicing Access Point For
SMB’s, Government, and Enterprises
Feel confident using Link4 as your access point to the e-Invoicing network.

As a whitelisted and credentialed Access Point, we automate your invoice processing to be more accurate, reliable and efficient.




View Everything. Instantly.

Conveniently review all of your eInvoice information in one location. Link4 helps you to save time so you can spend more time on what is important. 


The dashboard provides you with valuable information so that you can benefit from:

▶ Instant status updates about your ongoing AP/AR invoices.

▶ Important invoice information from suppliers and customers.


This provides you with a better insight into your business and your invoices so that you can better manage your cash flow. 


Send Invoices to Supported Cloud Accounting Software

Link4 supports Xero, MYOB, Quickbooks, Sage, Reckon & Saasu so you can send your invoices easily.

Receive Invoices From Your Suppliers

Link4 customers can receive invoices electronically or through PDF invoices from multiple suppliers. 

Complete Invoice and Bill Information Search

A detailed information search that retrieves information from all your documents. You can search for keywords, phrases, suppliers and customers.


Strongest Level of Security

 To protect your eInvoice data, Link4 utilises strong security features including 256-bit encryption. Security is vitally important to Link4 so we’ve implemented powerful security measures to ensure your data will not be breached.

A Read ONLY Service

Link4 assures that your account and confidential invoice data will never be accessed. However, Link4 are granted limited access to accounts, bills, and contacts to provide a streamlined experience.

Secure Document Storage

All of your data is kept in one secure place. Link4 securely stores your invoices and documents so that they can be accessed at any time.




eInvoice Status notifications.

Users have the option to receive notifications each time an invoice is received, awaiting approval and paid. Gone are the days of tracking and chasing up invoices! You can now do it all from one convenient location.


Process Invoices and Allocate to Chosen Accounts

Use Link4 as a draft folder to review your invoice details and then allocate them to your specified accounts.


Manage Multiple Businesses & Users Using One Account

Access multiple businesses and users so you can easily manage your invoices.  There is the option to limit access to invoice documents based on your business’s needs.

Full Line Item Delivery

Complete full line item delivery with 100% verified accuracy.


PDF Invoice Extraction Made Easy.

Your PDF invoices can be sent to Link4 via email where they are automatically delivered as an eInvoice. With Link4’s Artificial Intelligence solution, you can feel confident that your invoices are being delivered correctly. 

▶ Reduce data entry errors

▶ Reduce staff overhead costs

▶ Increase the time you spend on other business processes


Are You Ready To AutomateYour Invoicing  Processes? 

Start Enjoying the Benefits of eInvoicing Instantly