Link4 tips and tricks to make the most out of our e-invoicing solution

e-Invoicing Tips & Tricks Part 2: Make The Most Of Your e-Invoicing Experience!

We’ve provided SMB’s with the full, complete e-Invoicing experience and as such there might be features you’ve missed!    Which is why we’re here to help! Continuing our tips and tricks for Link4, the features that we have covered will

tips and tricks to make the most our of Link4's e-invoicing solution

e-Invoicing Tips & Tricks: Make The Most Of Your e-Invoicing Experience!

Link4’s users have provided positive feedback about our e-Invoicing solution and we’ve listened. Every day we continue to improve our processes so that we can deliver invoices to you through the use of our e-Invoicing solution. This is why we want

Paper invoicing is damaging the environment

Paper Invoicing Is Damaging The Environment: How can e-Invoicing Help?

It has become valuable for businesses to be more aware about the environmental impact their businesses are having. 3 out of 4 Australian businesses believe that good waste management helps to improve public perception of their companies.   We all

Finalists for the Fintech Awards & iAwards 2018: Recognition of e-Invoicing

We Are Finalists for the Fintech ‘Finnies’ Awards & iAwards 2018!

The Fintech ‘Finnies’ Awards are the only industry-backed FinTech award in Australia which is being hosted by FinTech Australia. The iAwards recognise Australian excellence in innovation, the companies that become finalists are considered to have the potential to make a


Late Payments Are Ruining Australian Businesses – e-Invoicing Can Help Get You Paid Faster

It’s becoming widely known that Australian businesses are one of the worst offenders in late invoice payments, 26.4 days late and it’s no wonder small businesses are experiencing major cash flow problems.     However, small businesses aren’t solely to