What is Link4?
Link4 is a secure Link for cloud systems to be interconnected. No matter which cloud software you are using, Link4 enables users to send invoices directly to another cloud accounting system, instantly.

Why was it created?

The founders of Link4 met with several businesses to understand their biggest issues and one topic came up time and again ­- invoices. A few variations on theme were put forward, but the basic question was: “How do we get invoices into our cloud accounting system easier?”

For example, one restaurant receives thousands of pages of invoices each year. A lot of manual entry was involved initially, but then they employed an app to speed up the process. But it still took a lot of time and they had all the paper invoices to deal with. Wouldn’t it be easier if the invoices were delivered electronically?

On the other side of the equation, suppliers were spending thousands of dollars printing invoices, while others were sending PDFs via email to their customers (and the emails weren’t always actioned in a timely manner, and some were deleted or got lost).

So Link4 was created to make life easier for suppliers sending invoices, and to simplify accounting for customers. A win for both sides.

Who are the founders?

Robin Sands

Robin has 17 years’ B2B Sales and Marketing experience with medium and large global software companies. He is a results­ focused Senior Executive who combines entrepreneurial vision with strong business acumen and well­honed global marketing skills.

With his skills and experience, Robin is well positioned to be responsible for the client acquisition activities of the business, including Sales and Marketing plans as well as the operational management of Link4 Australia.

Sam Hassan

Sam has 16 years’ experience in Digital Marketing and software solutions. His key role is understanding the technical solutions needed to meet the needs of the market, then creating and maintaining the solutions from a technical perspective.

Sam understands how technology can be applied in the real world to solve day to day problems of business people. He works with clients to ensure they have the right solution to meet their needs.