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Our pricing plans have been designed so you can easily upgrade or downgrade as needed. Start for free or choose a paid plan from just$24 a month ($20 per month with an annual subscription).

Connected Software Systems

It takes less than 2 minutes to connect your cloud accounting software to Link4



Link4 provides custom integration for enterprise that are using ERP


Transaction - the act of either sending an e-invoice to your customer, or receiving an e-invoice from your supplier. Which means, if you would like to both send and receive e-invoices, each instance of sending/receiving an e-invoice is counted as a transaction.

Prices are in Australian Dollars (AUD)

All paid plans include the following services:

Additional features available from Link4:

Not Using a Cloud Accounting Solution

Many features available for your peace of mind

Easy Upgrade / Downgrade

The number of invoice transactions is fixed for each month, there are no rollover options. If you need more or fewer invoice transactions, you can simply upgrade or downgrade your plan on your Link4 dashboard.

Timely Reminder

We will send a notification when you have used 80% and 95% of your monthly transactions.

Customised Options

The PDF feature is only available on paid plans. Link4’s plans are designed for connected cloud accounting systems. For EDI / custom plans, please contact us for more details.

Excellent Support

We are committed to helping you. Our Customer Support Heroes work hard to provide fast, useful responses to your questions, usually within 4 business hours.

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