The Accelerating Migration from Paper to e-Invoicing Webinar with Simon Foster

We would like to thank Simon Foster, Treasurer & Director at
Australian Business Software Industry – ABSIA for presenting the webinar.

The financial processes we are all familiar with were originally designed around pushing paper.

For example – financial audits requiring a ‘paper trail’ of documents or mortgage application proof of income requiring a copy of the most recent tax return. As we move towards a fully digital world, and paper is no longer involved, the processes need to change with them.

Watch the webinar and find out what Simon told us about the international experience with e-Invoicing, in particular Latin American where 8 countries have already mandated e-Invoicing, including Brazil which has already achieved 100% coverage! While the Australian Government took some steps towards this route, we can learn the international example just how transformative e-Invoicing can be.

Link4 allows you to exchange invoices directly from your current accounting software with your customers and suppliers, without the need for mobile apps, data entry or PDFs.

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